Cargo marking

Cargo marking

The purpose of marking is to visually show the following mandatory requirements:

  1. Each shipped freight unit must follow a specific path and reach its destination;
  2. The cargo unit should be handled carefully during storage, transportation, loading, unloading and unpacking;
  3. The goods must be delivered in a complete and safe condition.

Correct, clear labeling of goods is a prerequisite for their fast delivery while maintaining quality during transportation. Currently, there are different product, shipping, special and transport markings. Sending, product and special markings are applied by the consignor, transport – by the carrier or its agent. Depending on the terms of the contract of sale, the marking usually contains the following data:

  1. 1. Product – product name, factory packaging, order and order number, grade, release time;
  2. 2. shipping – points of departure and destination, names of senders and recipients, total number of places, gross and net masses;
  3. 3. transport – the number of seats in a batch transported according to one transport document, the serial number of the cargo in the batch;
  4. 4. special – warning signs and signs prescribing the method of handling the goods during storage, transshipment, transportation, use.