Freight forwarding

  • Consistency of freight forwarding

  • Free information on the stage of delivery of goods

  • Qualified consultations on customs and tariff issues

  • Adapting services to individual client features

  • Delivery of goods according to the model “door to door”

  • Complex service of VEDSTAR will save you up to 15% of the cost of delivery and customs clearance

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Freight forwarding, freight transport-forwarding services

Freight forwarding requires coordination, regulation and coordination of delivery methods for the timely and efficient passage of goods across borders around the world. Negotiating logistics, importing and exporting goods is a responsible task. It depends on a company you can trust.

VEDSTAR forwarding the delivery of goods by air, sea and land. More than 100 carriers around the world will satisfy your needs in terms, volumes and budget.

The results of the company mean that you will have all the necessary tools at your disposal. Forwarders VEDSTAR – experts in logistics. They manage the risks and benefits of transportation at the national and international levels, use the latest advances in information technology. Their knowledge of freight forwarding rules, customs rules and tariffs is an integral part of successful work.
Consultation with a specialist company is free of charge.

Your benefits

The most profitable cargo transportation route

Full escort of cargo along the entire route

Consistency of freight forwarding

Save up to 15% of the cost of services

Free information on the stage of delivery of goods

The cost of services is fixed without the risk of increase

Why Vedstar


We coordinate the whole path of goods


We provide comprehensive service


Comprehensive service reduces production costs


Operative informing about the stages of delivery


The terms of cooperation are confidential.


We take into account the individual needs of the customer’s business


Compliance with delivery deadlines


We provide delivery of cargo around the world

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FCL shipping worldwide

  • VEDSTAR saves you cargo delivery time and optimizes costs.

Transportation by FCL (Full Container Load) is selected when there is enough cargo to fill the entire container. It is also possible to reserve a container exclusively for one load. Contact VEDSTAR – we will find the container that best suits your product.

There are several reasons why this type is chosen:
– economical delivery of large loads;
– easier tracking;
– better security.

LCL shipments require more points in the transport chain. FCL requires fewer stops and the participation of persons opening the container; acceleration of the unloading process.

If you need to decide on a choice of a method of a cargo transportation, address our consultants. We will be happy to tell you more about FCL and other logistics services in the context of a specific supply.

FTL shipping

  • VEDSTAR will promptly deliver your goods: from 2 to 10 days, taking into account customs clearance.
  • Our experts will arrange the goods at customs, provide you with a full package of customs and permits

FTL (Full truckload) is chosen to transport cargo that completely fills the truck. Planning, organizing and preparing goods for shipment takes less time than with LTL delivery. Transportation time is also saved: there is no need to load the car with goods of other customers, there are no stops for additional loading and unloading of goods at intermediate points on the way. Suitable for transporting high-risk goods and delicate goods.

A wide network of partners of VEDSTAR includes more than 100 carriers. Thanks to them, we carry out more than 500 deliveries per year. The terms of international cargo delivery depend on the route: from 2 to 10 days. The term includes preparation, approval, registration of customs documentation and unloading.

Contact our consultants to prepare a logistics solution for the delivery of your goods in the shortest possible time.

LCL shipping

  • VEDSTAR LCL transport optimizes the cost of cargo transportation thanks to the experience in freight forwarding and strong partnerships

LCL (Less Than Container Load) – sea freight transported in a transport container. By dividing the space, loads of several senders are placed in one container. This allows you to efficiently use the container space and reduce costs.

Benefits of LCL:

1) delivery of goods with a volume of less than 13 cubic meters. will be cheaper;
2) it is easier to book an express delivery;
3) if the cargo volume is too large for one container and too small to fill two,
4) after loading FCL, the rest of the cargo is delivered using LCL;
5) if the cargo is not urgent: LCL delivery is much cheaper than air delivery.

Thanks to the experience of freight forwarding and strong partnerships, VEDSTAR will offer you fast and cost-effective LCL delivery. Do not worry about the deadlines: we will deliver your cargo to your destination on time.

Regardless of which a container is equipped with goods of several or one client, each consignment of cargo is processed by VEDSTAR specialists taking into account your individual needs.

LTL transportation

  • LTL transportation VEDSTAR is an affordable and reliable way to deliver cargo.
  • We expedite the delivery of goods according to the “door-to-door” model, notifying the client about the location of the cargo on the entire transportation route..

LTL (Less than truckload – partial load) – transportation of groupage cargo. This is an economical, reliable and efficient way of transportation. Only the place that the cargo takes is paid. The rest of the truck is filled with goods of another customer.

Moving goods by road provides shippers with flexibility due to their low cost.

It is used when transporting goods that are too large for postal delivery, but too small for a full vehicle load. The cargo is transported in boxes or placed on pallets, which reduces the risk of damage.

Air cargo shipping

  • We will quickly deliver and arrange your cargo: from 3 to 7 days for transportation and customs clearance
  • We will plan for you the most profitable way of delivery of goods
  • Reliable air transportation: your cargo is insured

Sea shipping accounts for 90% of all shipments. They are inexpensive and reliable. But when you need your

goods urgently, air transportation is the best choice.

Reasons for choosing air travel:

– speed – aircraft 30 times faster than ocean liners;

– reliability – air transportation provides the best tracking of cargo, its prompt delivery;

– protection – goods are more likely to be damaged when using another type of transportation.

VEDSTAR accompanies air transportation of goods around the world. We are proud of our ability to help all clients – from beginners of foreign trade activities to regular customers in import and export. We provide air delivery services in a complex with its customs clearance for the sender and receiver. The conditions are flexible and fit the scale and needs of your business.

VEDSTAR offers the logistics services necessary to assist in air transportation. Contact our consultants to create the optimal supply chain. The only question they cannot answer is the one you did not ask.

International shipping

  • VEDSTAR - Your global logistics solution: we serve more than 400 customers annually
  • We plan, coordinate and expedite the transportation of goods
  • We draw up a full package of permits for customs clearance.

VEDSTAR provides international shipping by sea, land and air. We will help you plan the exact route and ensure timely delivery of goods. The total annual volume of delivered goods is 6300 tons, the number of transportations is more than 500.

Everyone agrees that efficient logistics leads to a decisive competitive advantage. Compliance with the terms of transportation and an established model of deliveries of VEDSTAR allow to reduce the cost of production. Our comprehensive service will save you from 15% of the cost of FEA services.

Additional benefits of cooperation with WEDSTAR:
– service delivery of goods to the destination;
– informing about the stage of transportation;
– registration of permits;
– insurance to guarantee the quality of services.

An important part of the VEDSTAR concept is supporting long-term business interests of clients. For each specific case, we choose the optimal and cost-effective logistic models. Contact a VEDSTAR consultant to agree on the terms of cooperation.

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