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Customs clearance

with financial responsibility for the legal integrity of documentation

  • Acceleration of customs clearance up to 40 minutes

  • Savings on taxes and duties from 15%

  • Assistance in obtaining import permits

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What do we do to make customs clearance pass without delays and overpayments


We register you as a participant in foreign economic activity - if you are contacting customs for the first time


We classify your goods according to UСG FEA - the customs base of Ukraine


Analyze the customs value of the goods


We issue permits for customs


Prepare documents for customs privileges and preferences


Coordinate each document with the customs authorities


We are engaged in the declaration of goods upon arrival of goods at the post


Participate in the inspection of goods, if necessary


We control the shipment of goods to their destination - intact, unscathed and right on time.

The realities of the traditional approach
to customs clearance
  • Customs delays of 2 weeks or longer
  • Calculation of duties at inflated tariffs. Losses 15 - 30% of profit
  • Lack of financial responsibility for the result
  • No protection for tax audits and audits
  • Fines of many thousands because of paperwork mistakes
Advantages of customs clearance
by VEDSTAR experts
  • Reducing the customs clearance time to 40 minutes.
  • Calculation of taxes and fees based on the real purchase price
  • Reduction in the cost of goods at least at 15%
  • Financial responsibility for the legal integrity of the documentation.
  • Lifetime support of inspections and audits. Protection against fines.

Over 10 years of work as a customs broker


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> 430+

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More than 3700

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>5 years

Partnership with ICC-Ukraine

What investments are needed to save 2 weeks of valuable time and increase the margin of deliveries by 15% or more

The cost of a standard package of services

5900 UAH, including VAT

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