For those who are actively working in foreign markets or just planning to make from 5 deliveries per month

  • Reduction of customs costs by 15% and more

  • Savings on taxes and operating expenses 5 - 20%

  • Security of deliveries with financial guarantees

Get FEA outsourcing consultation

We help to get the most out of every delivery

We completely relieve you of communication with customs and permitting authorities
We take full responsibility for the delivery time and cargo safety

How we are working


We coordinate with you all the documentation for sending the goods


We check a package of documents with customs and licensing authorities


We organize vehicles for cargo delivery


We transfer currency abroad


We control the process of foreign economic activity at each stage


We are engaged in customs clearance for you


We do everything so that the goods arrive at their destination in a clearly defined period

FEA staff department or Vedstar services?

Foreign trade department in the staff of your company:
expenses from 78 000 UAH / month
  • You have to support a manager (20,000 UAH \ month), a logistician (15,000 UAH \ month), a broker (15,000 UAH \ month) + pay their leave, sick leave, taxes, insurance contributions, arrangement of workplaces, rent of premises, training staff. Total - from 78000 UAH / month.
  • This is without taking into account customs problems and losses due to fines, from which you are not protected in any way - your employees do not bear any responsibility for the result of their work. And the level of their qualification in 96% of cases “leaves much to be desired”.
Management of your foreign trade activities by Vedstar experts:
saving 5 - 20%
  • team of experts with 10 years of experience is working for you, which is recommended by the ICC of Ukraine. Moreover, the cost of our services depends only on the amount of work.
  • You pay only the amount under the contract and save 5 - 20% on taxes, deductions and fees to the budget. You are protected from downtime and overpayments at customs and claims from inspection organizations.
  • We answer with our own wallet for the delivery time, legal impeccability of the documentation, and confidentiality.
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3 reasons why > 4 830 customers have chosen Vedstar

1. Expertise

Since 2009

in the foreign trade services market


not a single trial

> 500

international projects implemented

5 years

Partnership with ICC-Ukraine

2. Savings> 15% on taxes and fees


We are defending customs tariffs. Calculation of taxes and duties based on the real purchase price.


We accompany you during the checks. The tax has no complaints about the design of your documentation.


We provide fast passage of goods through customs. You are saved from penalties due to failure to meet deadlines.


We transfer your FEA to the legal field in 5 days. You get all the benefits of legal business.

3. Guarantee package with financial responsibility

Compliance with delivery dates

Cargo safety

Fixed cost of services

Legal impeccability of documents

Respect for confidentiality

24/7 service 

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