Car dimensions and pallet loading scheme for international transportation

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1.5 tons

The cargo compartment of the car is a tent, with the possibility of removing the awning, thus obtaining an open cargo compartment. Car attachments may include straps and accessories of another type, such as rigid boards or an elevator.

5 tons

Such cars today are quite often used in international and long distance transportation. Imported models of such trucks are equipped with a pneumatic suspension, which improves the performance of smooth running, and ensures the preservation of fragile loads. Cars can be equipped with lifts. The length of the body of such a car is on average 3.7-6 meters.

10 tons

Trucks of this class are often used for international and long distance transportation. In most cases, the cabin is equipped with not only a berth, but also a place for the forwarder. The standard complete set of the truck assumes presence of belts (no more than 6 pieces). The design of the cargo compartment provides several options for loading and unloading (side, top). The complete set of imported trucks of this type implies the presence of a pneumatic suspension, which improves the smooth running of the car, and ensures the preservation of fragile loads. The car can be additionally equipped with an elevator.

20 tons

Semi-trailers are available in many modifications, including semi-trailers with a volume from 76 to 78 cubic meters, but with a small length equal to 12.5-13 meters, and semi-trailers with standard or large length, width and height (for example, length the semi-trailer is 13.6-15 meters wide – 2.5 meters wide and 2.7 meters high). The design features of the semi-trailer make it possible to remove the awning, allowing it to unload or load cargo from above or from the side. In addition, semi-trailers without tents can be used as open areas with sides, the height of which can reach 35-50 centimeters.