For safe and comfortable work in foreign markets

  • Profit increase of 15% or more

  • Translation of FEA into the legal field in 5 days

  • No cargo delays at customs


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We completely save you from the routine of conducting foreign trade activities

Starting from the development of a supply model and ending with the support of inspections and post-customs audit

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Reduce customs clearance time to 40 minutes

Cost optimization for logistics tax savings and fees

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Our services are especially useful for you if

You are already actively conducting foreign trade activities

Just entering the foreign market

Want to optimize your business processes?

Going to legalize supplies

Planning to delegate functions of the department of foreign economic activity

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Why is it profitable
for you work


Savings on taxes and fees. Having achieved the calculation of duties based on real purchase prices, and not tariffs, which are dictated by customs.


Safe and legal delivery model. Deliveries in full compliance with the requirements of the Customs Code. Not a single lawsuit in 10 years of practice!


Fixed cost of services. The amount specified in the contracts always remains unchanged.


100% protection against fines. Solving all questions on your deliveries during tax audits and post-customs auditors.


Cargo notification system 24/7. SMS, email, messengers.

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Make foreign trade activities simple and comfortable - choose a package:

Commissioner’s services

It is beneficial if you have up to 5 deliveries per month

We cooperate well within the delivery

Negotiable price

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You give us all responsibility for shipping

We undertake procedures related to the foreign economic transaction

Negotiable price

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Customs clearance

You are the owner of the goods

We provide the preparation of necessary documents and the declaration of goods

5900 UAH for a standard package of services

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Analysis and development of a model for the goods supply

You are the owner of the goods

We develop a ready-made solution for the delivery of goods with minimal risk and maximum savings.

Negotiable price

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Transfer into the legal field

We help make your foreign economic activity completely transparent

Legalization of foreign trade for 5 days

Negotiable price

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Triple guarantee with financial responsibility

Guarantee of legal impeccability of customs clearance

Guaranteed adherence to delivery times and product integrity

Trade Secrets Guaranteed

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