20 ‘Flatrack (without side walls) container

The container (according to ISO 1496/5) is an open platform with end walls intended for the transport of oversized cargo. This general term is applicable to any universal container that does not have rigid side walls or frames replacing them that can withstand all the loads that the side wall of a general purpose container can carry or transmit, and for this reason having a base frame similar to the frame of a platform container.

20 ‘Flatrack (without side walls) container
Length inside, m5,638 – 5,650
Width inside, m2,03 – 2,228
Height inside, m2,073 – 2,233
Length outside, m6,058
Width outside, m2,438
Height outside, m2,591
Container weight, kg2790 – 2890
Load capacity, kg27210 – 31110