20′ refrigerated container

The refrigerated container has two main structural blocks: a housing and a refrigerated unit. The container body consists of a supporting frame made of polyurethane foam sandwich panels with an external coating of duralumin sheet (thickness – 2.0 mm) and an internal coating of profiled stainless steel food sheet (thickness – 0.6 mm). The floor of the container is made of a T-shaped aluminum profile with a strength designed for use in the processing of goods of a conventional warehouse forklift. Doors are made of the same as the case of polyurethane foam sandwich panels and are equipped with special locks that allow hermetically closing the cargo compartment of the container. The refrigerator unit, located at the end of the case, automatically maintains the set temperature inside the container in the range from + 25 ° C to -30 ° C and is powered by a 3-phase electric network with a voltage of 360/460 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.

20′ refrigerated container
Length inside, m5,513
Width inside, m2,284
Height inside, m2,269
Length outside, m6,06
Width outside, m2,44
Height outside, m2,591
Container weight, kg3050 (depends on the cooling unit)
Load capacity, kg21950
Capacity, m328,8
Doorway width2,34
Doorway height2,28