20 ‘Sidedoor (with side door) container

A container (ISO 1496/1) refers to specialized equipment. It is similar in all aspects to a general-purpose container, except that there is an additional door in the side wall with the same locking devices as in the end doors for loading from the side. They are used, as a rule, on the railroad, as they allow filling, without removing the containers from the railway platform. The container can be used to store goods. For example: appliances, pipes, plywood, glass and other building materials. Storage of goods and equipment in the Side Door container ensures their complete safety. The 20ft Side Door Container (a container with an opening side wall) can be used as a mobile exhibition hall or a retail outlet.

20 ‘Sidedoor (with side door) container
Length inside, m5,91
Width inside, m2,44
Height inside, m2,39
Length outside, m6,06
Width outside, m2,50
Height outside, m2,59
Container weight, kg3600
Load capacity, kg24000
Capacity, m334,5
Doorway width2,44/2,54
Doorway height2,28/2,30