45′ Standard, High Cube, Pallet Wide Container

45 feet containers differ from 20 and 40 feet containers in greater capacity; These containers are specifically designed for the transport of bulk and light cargo. These containers can be used for transportation of goods (by road, rail, sea vessels) and storage of goods (in warehouse mode).

 DryHighCubePallet Wide
Length inside, m13,5213,5213,52
Width inside, m2,352,352,440
Height inside, m2,3502,6982,350 до 2,698
Length outside, m13,71613,71613,716
Width outside, m2,4382,4382,5
Height outside, m2,5912,8952,895
Container weight, kg472048004800
Load capacity, kg257602568025680
Capacity, m376,212,03212,032
Doorway width2,3432,3432,434
Doorway height2,282,5852,28 to 2,585