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Export of a panel house from "eco" material

Customer: Manufacturer

  • Route: Ukraine - Slovakia

  • Weight: 14,900 kg

  • Number of elements (panels): 523 pcs

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  • Timing! It took only 3 days from the moment the Client contacted Vedstar with a request for export clearance, to the moment the cargo was sent to Slovakia
  • The delivery was to take place in 2 stages. Part of the structural elements was not yet ready, and had to leave Ukraine later
  • The Client did not have any understanding of how foreign economic activity is carried out, and as a result, there were no necessary documents for the implementation of the supply
  • Responsibility to the Recipient - The Buyer in Slovakia (aka the final Recipient) was a private person, and also did not deal with foreign economic activity, he purchased the House and wanted to receive it on time, for the agreed amount, and without the "headache" with customs clearance issues
  • We worked out and implemented for the Client a complete chain of foreign economic activity, including customs clearance (customs clearance) in the country of the Recipient. Prepared a full package of documents: invoice, packaging, certificate for customs clearance in Slovakia
  • Especially about certification: Since the deadline for processing the package of documents was only 3 days, the Client was physically unable to provide us with the documents for issuing a Euro1 certificate (which would allow customs clearance of the cargo with zero duty). CE (a document confirming the full compliance of products with European requirements and standards) - this certificate was also not available, we, having coordinated our actions with the customs in Slovakia, were able to replace it with another certificate, which made it possible to clear the goods in Slovakia without any difficulties
  • Picked up and delivered transport for the delivery of the panels of the House to the final destination
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Thanks to the professional work of the Vedstar team, the Buyer in Slovakia received his order from the Ukrainian manufacturer on time, and "without a headache" with customs clearance


He was satisfied not only with the quality of the goods from the Ukrainian manufacturer, but also with the service received, for the cargo he paid only the taxes due to the law to the budget (we provided their amount in advance, and here he also did not expect unpleasant surprises)


Our Client, a Ukrainian manufacturer, received: a well- established chain of foreign economic activity for the supply of its products to the EU, a full understanding of the procedure for registering the export of goods. And most importantly - Satisfied end Buyer, as he received not only a quality product, but also a high-level post-sales service

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