Task: synthetic motor oil supply from Holland

-Contract Amount: 19,600 EUR
– Weight: 9448 kg
– Volume: single car
– Nuance: the company was buying oil from a Swiss company, the manufacturer of which was the Dutch (the cost for the Swiss is 16,900 euros).


Broker: Client Company

Broker: Our Company
Costs: Costs:
VAT: 4060 euros VAT: 4060 euros
Tax (5%): 1030 euros Tax (5% – freed): 0 euros
Transport cost: 1500 euros Transport cost: 1350 euros
Brokerage service: 3200 UAH (110 euros in cash) Brokerage service: 4500 UAH (145 euros with VAT)
Terminal: 960UAH (31 euros) Terminal: 840UAH (27 euros)
Total cost in fact: 6997 Euro Total cost in fact: 5582 euros

The problem was – the client paid the fee despite the fact that goods from the EU are exempt from paying it, but the brokerage company, as well as the client, were not particularly involved in this. This happened because Switzerland is not a member of the EU and the Swiss did not provide Euro1 certificate.

Solution – we organized the package of documents in such way that the client stopped paying the fee