Air cargo shipping

  • We will quickly deliver and arrange your cargo: from 3 to 7 days for transportation and customs clearance

  • We will plan for you the most profitable way of delivery of goods

  • Reliable air transportation: your cargo is insured

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Air cargo worldwide

Sea shipping accounts for 90% of all shipments. They are inexpensive and reliable. But when you need your

goods urgently, air transportation is the best choice.

Reasons for choosing air travel:

– speed – aircraft 30 times faster than ocean liners;

– reliability – air transportation provides the best tracking of cargo, its prompt delivery;

– protection – goods are more likely to be damaged when using another type of transportation.

VEDSTAR accompanies air transportation of goods around the world. We are proud of our ability to help all clients – from beginners of foreign trade activities to regular customers in import and export. We provide air delivery services in a complex with its customs clearance for the sender and receiver. The conditions are flexible and fit the scale and needs of your business.

VEDSTAR offers the logistics services necessary to assist in air transportation. Contact our consultants to create the optimal supply chain. The only question they cannot answer is the one you did not ask.

Your benefits

Adapting services to individual client features

Comprehensive delivery and customs clearance services

Save up to 15% of the cost of services



We provide cargo transportation of any volume, weight and type


Work and company insurance


Uninterrupted delivery of goods


Prompt reporting of the stage of cargo delivery

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