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FCL shipping worldwide

Transportation by FCL (Full Container Load) is selected when there is enough cargo to fill the entire container. It is also possible to reserve a container exclusively for one load. Contact VEDSTAR – we will find the container that best suits your product.

There are several reasons why this type is chosen:
– economical delivery of large loads;
– easier tracking;
– better security.

LCL shipments require more points in the transport chain. FCL requires fewer stops and the participation of persons opening the container; acceleration of the unloading process.

If you need to decide on a choice of a method of a cargo transportation, address our consultants. We will be happy to tell you more about FCL and other logistics services in the context of a specific supply.

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Comprehensive service will save up to 15% of the cost of services.

FEA documentation for the transaction is agreed with all participants.

The invariability of the services cost is guaranteed by the contract.



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