FTL shipping

  • VEDSTAR will promptly deliver your goods: from 2 to 10 days, taking into account customs clearance.

  • Our experts will arrange the goods at customs, provide you with a full package of customs and permits

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FTL shipping worldwide

FTL (Full truckload) is chosen to transport cargo that completely fills the truck. Planning, organizing and preparing goods for shipment takes less time than with LTL delivery. Transportation time is also saved: there is no need to load the car with goods of other customers, there are no stops for additional loading and unloading of goods at intermediate points on the way. Suitable for transporting high-risk goods and delicate goods.

A wide network of partners of VEDSTAR includes more than 100 carriers. Thanks to them, we carry out more than 500 deliveries per year. The terms of international cargo delivery depend on the route: from 2 to 10 days. The term includes preparation, approval, registration of customs documentation and unloading.

Contact our consultants to prepare a logistics solution for the delivery of your goods in the shortest possible time.

Your benefits

We will prepare, coordinate, make customs documentation

You always know at what stage of delivery the goods are

Delivery of goods according to the model “door to door”



We will prepare documents for customs privileges


The terms of cooperation are confidential.


The network of partners of the company has more than 100 carriers

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