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  • VEDSTAR LCL transport optimizes the cost of cargo transportation thanks to the experience in freight forwarding and strong partnerships

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LCL shipping worldwide

LCL (Less Than Container Load) – sea freight transported in a transport container. By dividing the space, loads of several senders are placed in one container. This allows you to efficiently use the container space and reduce costs.

Benefits of LCL:

1) delivery of goods with a volume of less than 13 cubic meters. will be cheaper;
2) it is easier to book an express delivery;
3) if the cargo volume is too large for one container and too small to fill two,
4) after loading FCL, the rest of the cargo is delivered using LCL;
5) if the cargo is not urgent: LCL delivery is much cheaper than air delivery.

Thanks to the experience of freight forwarding and strong partnerships, VEDSTAR will offer you fast and cost-effective LCL delivery. Do not worry about the deadlines: we will deliver your cargo to your destination on time.

Regardless of which a container is equipped with goods of several or one client, each consignment of cargo is processed by VEDSTAR specialists taking into account your individual needs.

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