LTL transportation

  • LTL transportation VEDSTAR is an affordable and reliable way to deliver cargo.

  • We expedite the delivery of goods according to the “door-to-door” model, notifying the client about the location of the cargo on the entire transportation route..

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LTL shipping worldwide

LTL (Less than truckload – partial load) – transportation of groupage cargo. This is an economical, reliable and efficient way of transportation. Only the place that the cargo takes is paid. The rest of the truck is filled with goods of another customer.

Moving goods by road provides shippers with flexibility due to their low cost.

It is used when transporting goods that are too large for postal delivery, but too small for a full vehicle load. The cargo is transported in boxes or placed on pallets, which reduces the risk of damage.

Your benefits

LTL shipping cost is lower than FTL

Trucks transport goods is faster than railway transport

You will receive a general estimate of the range of goods delivery services



We draw up the most convenient cargo delivery route


We take into account the individual needs of the customer’s business


Compliance with delivery times


We issue a full package of permits

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