International shipping

  • VEDSTAR - Your global logistics solution: we serve more than 400 customers annually

  • We plan, coordinate and expedite the transportation of goods

  • We draw up a full package of permits for customs clearance.

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International shipping - worldwide shipping

VEDSTAR provides international shipping by sea, land and air. We will help you plan the exact route and ensure timely delivery of goods. The total annual volume of delivered goods is 6300 tons, the number of transportations is more than 500.

Everyone agrees that efficient logistics leads to a decisive competitive advantage. Compliance with the terms of transportation and an established model of deliveries of VEDSTAR allow to reduce the cost of production. Our comprehensive service will save you from 15% of the cost of FEA services.

Additional benefits of cooperation with WEDSTAR:
– service delivery of goods to the destination;
– informing about the stage of transportation;
– registration of permits;
– insurance to guarantee the quality of services.

An important part of the VEDSTAR concept is supporting long-term business interests of clients. For each specific case, we choose the optimal and cost-effective logistic models. Contact a VEDSTAR consultant to agree on the terms of cooperation.

Your benefits

Drawing up the most profitable cargo delivery route

Turnkey transportation of cargo to destination

Qualified consultations on customs and tariff issues



Providing cargo transportation of goods of any volume and type


Comprehensive service reduces production costs


Full customs clearance

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